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Model: 70200176
Beautiful abaya with distinctive design suitable for daily use..
KD 55.000
Model: 70200260
Abaya distinctive in a modern fashion..
KD 55.000
Model: 1850024
skin abaya sada with shila..
KD 50.000
Model: 70200185
A beautiful abaya of jaker suitable for all occasions..
KD 60.000
Model: 1850028
abaya color with shila..
KD 50.000
Model: 4030003
A colorful shila made by dagealil..
KD 10.000
Model: 207000V
It consists of vanilla, tropical flowers, amber, Indian rose and almonds..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000I
It consists of orchid, patchouli, and a mixture of musk and oud oil..
KD 25.000
Model: 1820451
A beautiful abaya with a soft oriental workmanship suitable for all occasions..
KD 65.000
Model: 70200392
beautiful Black abaya - raw cotton - - embroidery work..
KD 55.000
Model: 70200401
Very elegant colored abaya - raw cotton - handmade..
KD 60.000
Model: 70200440
Beautiful distinctive abaya - embroidery work - handmade - raw internet..
KD 65.000
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