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Model: 207000VIII
It consists of saffron and jasmine mixed with amber wood, fir and cedar wood..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000VII
Herbal aromas mixed with wood and coffee incense..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000VI
This oriental woody musk fragrance contains vanilla and makes you feel refreshing..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000V
It consists of vanilla, tropical flowers, amber, Indian rose and almonds..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000IV
A collection of bergamot, ylang-ylang, tuberose, amber, wood and patchouli fruits..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000III
An oriental woody fragrance that consists of woods, spices and musk blossoms..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000II
Incense mixed with Indian oud oil and drizzles of fragrant rose spirit and a few drops of amber..
KD 25.000
Model: 207000I
It consists of orchid, patchouli, and a mixture of musk and oud oil..
KD 25.000
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