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Model: 70600017
Abaya of chiffon with some handwork on the sleeves, suitable for occasions..
KD 50.000
Model: 70600016
Beautiful fur jacket with a wonderful design..
KD 30.000
Model: 70600015
A jacket made of special harayer raw with some handwork on the collar..
KD 35.000
Model: 70600014
Beautiful abaya with a practical design suitable for daily use..
KD 45.000
Model: 70600013
A beautifully designed abaya made of Chanel and Harayer raw materials, suitable for all occasions..
KD 60.000
Model: 70600012
Abaya with a wonderful design, made of distinctive harayer raw and wonderful chiffon..
KD 55.000
Model: 70600011
Abaya with a beautiful modern design from the distinctive harayer raw with handwork on the abaya and the collar..
KD 60.000
Model: 70600010
Beautiful modern design abaya with some handwork on it..
KD 55.000
Model: 70600009
Abaya with a distinctive design with some handwork on the collar..
KD 58.000
Model: 70600008
Abaya with a modern design with a collar on the neck with a beautiful design..
KD 45.000
Model: 70600007
Abaya with a wonderful design of distinctive Jaker and Chanel raw materials..
KD 60.000
Model: 70600006
Abaya with a modern design, made of the distinctive Harayer raw material, with the jaker and the beautiful Chanel raw material..
KD 58.000
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